I’m happy in public,

but behind closed doors comes sadness.

In my world I hide behind walls,

But when I’m alone the pain never fades.

I found again in my heart of a friend who falls down and does not mend.

Who comforts me with a helping hand to Lend.

As I thought my patience was gone, 

I tend to believe with my own eyes

That someone is there to the end. 

No reason to pretend 

With you by my side I will fight and defend.



I feel like I’m wasting my time trying to figure out this mystery of mines.

I tried to read between the lines but I have to wait until the time should define 

while the wind combines the loss of my soul. 

My life shattered into pieces when I began reaching out into the past

So I begun to run fast

To catch the last task

But as I’m falling 

I fell to realize I’m loosing a battle in between time. 

Now I have to find away to climb up into the darkness where no light begins to shine. 

Now hear goes a line of rocks combining into one. 

Telling me I should follow this path. 

As I follow It pulled me right out of a dream

Came out of a smile and into a scream

As i sit here I’m left here

To weep my tears into the stream.

When words become unclear

I shall focus when images become incapable, 

I shall break the flow of silence

As I pray for guidance 

As I see everything in the distance without balance I shall not fear

Though I do my best I shall succeed

But I ask what if a fail on what I appear here

While the whispers spread there and near.

With following echoes in my throbbing ears. 

I can’t remain here;

Let my vision be clear

To appear this long last journey I learned on the way .

Main Focus

I know I’m not perfect but we all have a few flaws, but why is the focus on me? You should focus on what you like about yourself! Not only does it prevent you by having tension and worrying but it clears your mind. Eventually you’ll feel your mind change to a new level of understanding.
I inspire myself to challenge myself because when words became unclear, I had to start focusing on the light that keeps fading away to the darkness but I continue to stay focus on every obstacle that comes my way. I’m ready for whatever and everyone that tries too weigh me down.
The past is the past. I prefer to focus on what’s coming next in my life. I have to boost my focus so I can manage my distraction instead of it taking control of me. 

We focus so much on our differences instead of all the choas that’s been going on. We continue to fight each other down instead of helping one another. To much negativity going to one person to another. Not realizing it’s hurting that person. It’s painful to see people go through it because you don’t know what they are capable of. What they might do could be easily be their life or yours. Think about it! To many bullying that’s  not taking seriously or advantage of. People watch and record and not taking action to help prevent it from happening. So many violents. People rather shoot and kill rather then talking about it. Ugh it kills me.

Why I want to start blogging???

I guess I want to do something a little different. Blogging is about sharing how you feel. It will help me build my confidence by learning how to voice my opinion. It will help me improve my strength and weakness by having conversations with people on my blog and how to take criticism without losing my cool. Poetry is like a mini story, sometimes with many different layers and just a few words. The Poetry I write is an extension of myself. That’s how I cope with things.